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Sergiy Ciochina / Winter sunset / 35x50cm / Oil on board / $690

Love playing with shadows and lights in my paintings. 

- Sergiy Ciochina

My name is Ciochina Sergiy I was born in Boldurești village, Nisporeni district, the Republic of Moldova in 2001. At the age of 12, I started attending the classes of Fine Arts school for children in Nisporeni. Here in this school was born a special passion, that of vibration and intense life through the shape of lines and colors. Every day I lived new experiences, I uniquely felt the shapes and I persevered in leaving their mark on the left-handed canvases but also appreciated by those around me.


At the age of 16, I moved to another level of education where my desires gained a stronger momentum in my studies and by attending the courses at C.A.P. “Alexandru Plămădeală”, Chișinău, painting specialty. A whole new environment for me, the diversity of people and characters led to the formation of habits, new ideas, and lifestyles that were beneficial to me and my artistic development. From this point of view, I’m active in art exhibitions, competitions, projects, workshops, or master’s courses, such as the “Colors of a Genocide” competition, the “Jan Alojzy Matejko” exhibition, or the “New: Creative Youth” competition. For me, art is stability, at least emotional, which comes with self-discovery and the desire to progress and evolve more.


The stylization of the figures is a consolation to me. What fascinates me the most is the energy I receive following the exploration with the subtlety of the line. A simple gesture, the thickening of the touch can completely change the emotion of that character who sees him somehow later as my own emotions. Sometimes hidden even from myself. Going deeper into their emotion and state, I rely on the aesthetics of the ugly, having more unusual dimensions and shapes. I determine the viewer be satisfied with the rhythm and the gesture from which a message, an expression emerges. I have pursued or wish, through deformations of the nudes, an imposition of them, to carry you in search of their spiritual beauty, which I very often look for in the people around me.


I invite you to look at every line and shade of color in my works and to feel those states that sometimes we do not have the courage to know or recognize as being present in us.



Sergiy Ciochina / Childhood home / 35x50cm / Oil on board / sold

Sergiy Ciochina / The Sister's garden / 35x50cm / Oil on board / $690

Sergiy Ciochina / Old tree / 35x50cm / Oil on board / $650

Sergiy Ciochina / Light on lilies / 35x50cm / Oil on board / $650

Sergiy Ciochina / Night / 35x50cm / Oil on board / $650

Sergiy Ciochina / Sunny day in Venice / 35x50cm / Oil on board / $630

Sergiy Ciochina / Sunny day in Cornwall / 35x50cm / Oil on board / $630


  • 2022 – Group exhibition “Traveling in paintings” (South Korea).
  • 2021 – Group exhibition “ArtEast” (England).
  • 2021 – Group exhibition “Liman” ( 2021, Artcor – Contemporary Art Center, Chișinău ).
  • 2021 – Group exhibition “Communications”( Artcor – Contemporary Art Center, Chișinău ).
  • 2021 – Contemporary Art Competition-Exhibition “We- The Creative Youth” organized by the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova – The Grand Prize ( Chișinău).
  • 2020 – Contemporary Art Competition-Exhibition “We- The Creative Youth”- Diploma of Merit (Chișinău).
  • 2020-The republican competition “The colors of a Genocide” – First-degree diploma ( Chișinău).
  • 2020 – Exhibition-Contest “Jan Alojzy Matejko”- Diploma of excellence (Chișinău).
  • 2020 – Group exhibition “Eminescu’s ode”- (Chișinău).
  • 2019 – Group exhibition “Eminescu’s ode”- (Chișinău).
  • 2018 – The republican exhibition contest “The colors of a Genocide” – First-degree diploma ( Chișinău).
  • 2019 – The republican artistic exhibition contest “The flower or humanity” dedicated to the writer Grigore Vieru– Second prize (2018, Chișinău).
  • 2018 – Group exhibition „Europe in colors” (Chișinău).
  • 2019 – Exhibition-Contest “Justice-I see you that way”- Diploma of excellence, second prize, (Chișinău).
  • 2016 – The republican exhibition contest “Young Talents” – Third prize (Chișinău).
  • 2015 – The republican exhibition contest „Talent does not take bribery, integrity in images” – Certificate of appreciation (Chișinău).
  • 2015 – Exhibition-contest “The environment and me” (Nisporeni).

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